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Blake Cordell in his show "Rover: A One-Person Show"

Blake Cordell

Video Game Composition

Audio Resume

Histoire de Lune

unreleased independent video game by Suits and Sandals

independent video game by Kirroha: release

Mica Apoptosis

Strange Conundrums

independent video game by Guardly: release

unreleased independent video game by ZestyDoesThings: concept

Fading Souls

unreleased independent video game by Specter works: concept


independent video game by Specter Works: demo

Chateau Quest

Multimedia Composition

All That is Done

commission for Kansas State Foundation's Innovation & Inspiration campaign

animated short film by Tiny Siren Animations on Amazon and Youtube: link

Carl & Doug


Gate Seekers

CalArts student film by Kiernan Sjursan-Lien: link

theme song for pilot episode of Story Sight Studio's proposed animation series

Lia and Leo

pilot episode of an animated series from director Tiffany Lim

Theatrical Composition




Home for the Holidays

Original Stage Reading

dir. Trace Campbell
dir. Paul J. Hustoles 

dir. Blake Cordell

dir. Jennifer Vellenga

dir. Jerry-Jay Cranford

Kansas State University, KS

Minnesota State, Mankato, IA

Purple Masque Theatre, KS

The Brick, NY

Kansas Theatre Works, KS

Theatrical Sound Designer


Alice, Formerly of Wonderland


Pink Orchids

Green Bay Tree

I Know My Own Heart

It's Only a Play

Oxy, Ohio

Nick and Zoe


Grace, or the Art of Climbing

Fires of Nero

Peacebook Festival

Sweet Texas Reckoning

Human Resource(s)




King Lear

Almost Wonderland

Warrior Class


dir. Blake Cordell 
dir. Steve Nicholson

dir. Jennifer Vellenga

dir. Brennan Jones

dir. Amy Sarno

dir. Elizabeth Swanson

dir. John Martinez

dir. Adam Webster

dir. Adam Webster

dir. Erin Shea Brady

dir. Erin Shea Brady

dir. Seth Wilson

co-S.D. Jeffrey Levin

dir. Julie Proudfoot

dir. Jen Sloan

dir. John Mossman

dir. Cecilie Keenan

dir. Mary Bonnett

dir. Steve Scott

dir. S. Zeisel/J. Clark

dir. Cat Tan

Purple Masque, KS

Wyoming Theatre Fest, WY

The Brick, NY

Pride Films and Plays

Pride Films and Plays

Pride Films and Plays

Pride Films and Plays

The Side Project

The Side Project

Brown Paper Box, Co.

Brown Paper Box, Co.

Phoenix Rising


Artemisia Theatre

Theatre Evolve

Her Story Theatre

Her Story Theatre

Her Story Theatre


Actor's Gymnasium


Theatrical Audio Engineer


The Total Bent

Henry V


Crane River, NE

Haven Theatre

The House Theatre

The Brick, NY

dir. Steve Barth

dir. Lili-Anne Brown

dir. Nathan Allen

dir. Jennifer Vellenga

Multimedia Audio Engineer

live recording and post-production editing of weekly serial collaboration 

spanning six months

three years of ongoing live sound design, recording, and post-production

editing of a private-commission weekly serial collaboration

Mobius Strip

Seasons of Change

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