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Blake Cordell in his show "Rover: A One-Person Show"

Blake is a writer who believes in the healing power of theatre. Scripts have both the power to inspire and ask questions and the stage can present the best version of the world. Nearly all of his plays present a normalized world for LGBTQIA+ characters beyond stories of adversity, and as a writer he hopes to represent and bridge communities with unique characters and works that speak to multiple people, even mutliple languages. 

For full copies of a show and inquiries into licensing, contact me




Musical Comedy

6 M, 4 W

" light and entertaining as its musical models"

                  - Manhattan Mercury

The Stackman Inn: a family-owned hotel struggling to get on its feet. The passion of the family and the commitment of the small crew keep the hotel alive, but is passion without experience enough to keep a dream alive? New-hire Arty and commanding inspector Claire each have their own opinions on the matter. Mistakes are costly when one is risking everything in the game of business, so what does it take to bounce back?

Inspired by "boy meets girl, they tap dance, solve a problem, then fall in love" type Gershwin musicals, Inn-Dependent was written in an attempt to introduce a "boy meets boy, they tap dance, solve a problem, then fall in love" queer story where the main character's romance is not the battle that must be overcome. The 14 different jazz-inspired musical numbers, backed by either piano and string base or full big-band, are sure to keep audiences smiling until the very end! 

Piano reduction, libretto, midi rehearsal and performance tracks, and even full scoring for piano, string bass, trumpet, tenor sax, and drum set are all available upon request!




A One-Person Show

One-Person One-Act Musical

Gender Neutral

The Mars Pathfinder, Sojourner, was launched in Delta II from Cape Canaveral on December 4th, 1996, and landed on Mars on July 4th, 1997. Sent as the first American exploration of Mars to take pictures and samples, it maintained communication with NASA for more than ten times the expected mission duration. What was supposed to be a seven-day mission, became an eighty-five day mission. The rover continued to function past losing communication, it simply strayed too far from its base station despite being instructed to remain in place.

This one-act play brought to life through sound design, spoken song, and musical performance, personifies Sojourner as a young, adventurous, and excitable photographer searching for their reason in the world. Despite being one of the most important contributors to turn-of-the-century science, Sojourner is left feeling alone, confused, and stranded without communication. 


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or Wax Wings


Full Length Drama

2 M, 1 W, 1 gender neutral

‘’Everyone want’s to fly... and we all look for ways of making it happen."


Few have read the original text depicting Icarus’ famous flight, but many have heard of it. Century after century, people have retained the moral wrapped in Icarus’ hubris. The story undoubtedly makes us ask questions, but what questions did the story’s author intend us to ask? If Icarus were to read his own story, would he recognize the boy he saw? Memories fade but stories persist. What does it mean, then, when the stories we have aren’t necessarily the memories that were?

In a magical-realism world, Icarus wakes to find himself confronted with an author intent on using him as their muse. Unable to even remember his own name, he quickly commits himself to asking no questions about his situation so as not to help the author twist his own past. Even without questioning his reality, memories confront him. His best friend, his own father... 

To remember is to listen. To remember is to live To remember is to hurt. To remember is to let go. 



Kill Grim


10-Minute Play

1 performer

"A freak in a dog mask", a canine stalker… There are a lot of things you should be wary of when walking alone at night, but your fight-or-flight instinct mainly prepares you for attackers that are quick; thieves that grab-and-run; threats that jump right out in front of us. How do you expect you’d respond if a figure, previously looming in the distance, their emotions entirely masked and their form entirely unfamiliar, started ever so slowly following you, never ceasing? You run. You run fast, faster than he’s approaching. You turn; he’s still there, moving slowly yet keeping pace. You scream. The streets are empty. You hop a fence. Your fight-or-flight takes you far. but still, he’s there, slowly approaching. Your phone isn’t working. So what do you do when the “flight” runs out and all that’s left is “fight”? It’s an empty graveyard, “a freak in a dog mask”, and you.

Originally written for Kansas Theatre Works, performed as part of a podcast series. Full performance can be found here:


HoHoNo title.jpg

Winter Pains, or

Ho Ho No!



A Series of Winter Holiday-Themed Comedy Vignettes 

Anywhere from 5 to 15 performers

Written by Blake Cordell, Michael Duncan, Jonah Ericson, Cody O'Hare, Ceslie Parker-Waller, and Teva Spencer as part of a comission for Kansas State Theatre's Writer's Room. Arranged and Edited by Blake Cordell

An irreverent look at the holiday season with songs and monologues. "Get the Hallmark hell-films out! Shove cinnamon sticks up your nose. Santa's coming, without a doubt, So get ready, Ho Ho Hoes."

Consists of 3 monologues, 5 short scenes, and an introduction and finale. 


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